Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last week was a pretty solid week when it came to teaching. I had a most excellent time in pretty much every class. I'm not really sure what made it so special, but it might have been because I taught lessons on random topics.

And here, for your viewing pleasure, a rundown of last weeks lessons:

1st grade (7th grade to all your kids in America)
-Lesson topic: "About Me"
This was the first time I taught these 1st graders. Its always good to teach the young ones about me as a person and someone from a different culture. Basically it's to give them insight into American culture. Naturally I said some basic info (name, where i am from, favorite food, etc), but I also let them know my favorite Korean pop song (bonding moment), how much I hate dogs and cats (and a general shock of the fact that my family has 4 cats and 2 dogs), and then I had them guess what my favorite sport is. After football was eventually figured out, I played a clip for them to see.

I loved reliving this moment 8 times last week. Each time with a new excited group of young Koreans. I also enjoyed having them hate on the Utes (we called them the red team). I'm shaping lives for the better.

2nd Grade (8th grade)
Lesson topic: Breakfast
Yes, I seriously based a whole entire 45 minute lesson on breakfast. But hey! Its a cultural lesson too. They eat rice and soup for breakfast here. They are jealous of our waffles and bacon (ps darren i told them that, "i have a friend who LOVES bacon. he would make a plate of bacon and watch baseball all day if he could" and they thought it was hilarious).

I also made sure to tell them about how we have 40584 types of cereal. And that we do, in fact, eat cookies for breakfast (Cooooooookie Crisp!). They loved it.

And then we played pictionary. This was a successful lesson.

3rd Grade (9th)
Lesson topic: English Accents
This was more boring because I was requested to relate it back to the chapter in their book. Goo. Anyways, it talked about the different countries that spoke English around the world so I had them listen to clips of different accents. This included a clip from Braveheart, an interview with Bob Marley (incomprehensible), and Steve Irwin (all Australians sound like that, right?). I also had them listen to part of Strange Brew for a Canadian accent and Christopher Walken for a New York accent.

Yeah. Last week was great.

ALSO! If you have any lesson topic suggestions, please enlighten me. The crazier the idea, the better chance I'll probably teach it.


D said...

Thanks for sharing my story with the world. It needed to be told.

stewedslacker said...

The evils of the U need to be taught worldwide.

Jill said...

To this day, every time I watch that video, my soul fills with joy and I can't keep a smile from spreading across my face.

Erin said...

Well, obviously you've already planned a lesson around the BSB, right? I love the accents thing. That's awesome.