Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Few things

First off, you might have noticed the blog background being changed every two seconds. Sorry. I'm playing around with it and am not pleased with any of them. I never thought I was that picky; turns out I am!

Secondovely, please let me express deep gratitude for the sun. I am so happy it is coming around more in Korea. The frozen tundra of winter seems to be fading as hints of spring fill the air. I am welcoming this season, and hope the heat of summer doesn't come too quickly.

It did snow last Wednesday which is supposedly quite rare here. It never snows in March (or so they say). It even inspired COT to round up some kids (myself included) to go outside for a lunchtime photo shoot. The photoshoot wasn't as great as we were hoping because as soon as we all gathered together in a group shot, the onlookers decided to chuck snowballs in our direction.
Not a good idea.
We got in a pretty decent snowball fight, and let me tell you, I was on a roll. You know that scene in Elf when Buddy makes a billion snowballs in two seconds and then chucks them all at those kids, hitting them perfectly? That was me. I was glad too, because I feel like the kids really respect me now (joke). I owned them.
The best part was when a couple students inside the school on the second floor kept taunting us, opening and closing the window and encouraging us to try to hit them. I took their encouragement, and at the most perfect moment, I launched a snowball up and hit the one kid square in the face.


I need to get those pics from COT. I think she recorded a video too, which I want to see, mostly because I really enjoyed yelling threats at these young Korean kids who didn't understand me.

*End insert.

Ok. So another thing, I think this is third on the list, I can name all the countries in the world.

I have become a tad obsessed with this site Sporcle and it has tons of quizzes and junk, one of which is a "Can You Name All the Countries of the World?" I took this challenge, and after much studying and practice, and a little awesomeness, I have completed it. With three minutes to spare. BOOOYAH.

I'm seriously really excited about this.


San Ba Po said...

good job Cindy~!!!!

Erik said...

I remember when me and you had a snowball fight against Kris and Donald

Katie said...

I just discovered sprocle. I'm so addicted...it's not even funny. I'm jealous you got all the countries!