Monday, March 15, 2010

I attract men from India and Jehovahs Witnesses

The title says it all.

The last few weeks I have had a surplus of awkward conversations with JW's. Always at the train station. And they always make it obvious they are coming for me. At one point I noticed the woman first, so I ran to the ticket line to avoid confrontation. And then when my train wasn't leaving for another 15 minutes I walked back out to get a tasty treat from the local Family Mart and HELLO this woman was waiting for me. Let's just say I'm glad my train left in 15 minutes, because at least it gave me a solid out.

I also get stalked on the subway by any man from Nepal/India/Bangladesh/Pakistan. Somehow they find their way to me and somehow they have the balls to start up a conversation with me. Even when I'm obviously avoiding talking to them (you know the look. its a signature cindy glazed over stone cold face).

Last night I literally had to mission impossible this one guy to avoid talking to him. Every time I looked behind me, he was there. While going up stairs in a transfer station, I made sure to slow down my pace to avoid eye contact. He also slowed his pace.

I made sure to go down the opposite side he did. Then when I looked behind me, there he was. Smiling at me. No joke. I call him the ubiquitous man.

(ps a student came in and asked me what ubiquitous meant. i had no idea. now i do. i hope i used it right)

I quickly hastened to the front of the train.

The only way I successfully avoided him was by standing the nastiest smelling car on the train.

You have to pick your battles, you know?


D said...

I do know that look.

Corinna said...

I'm sorry that you attract weird people. Maybe it's the strong natural pheromones.

And I left stuff out of my blog post because my mom reads it... But let's do it again soon!