Sunday, March 28, 2010

Speaking of hair...

On Saturday I headed up to Seoul with my friends for a little cultural gathering called Nanta.

It was sweet.

It's a performance of these four Korean chefs who make music by banging pots and pans and drumming with knives and while that might not sound super awesome, it is. I was giggling the entire time. It was real funny. A highlight of Korea, for sure.

Along with our tickets, we got a free cupcake and sandwich! BONUS. And we got to draw for a random souvenir.

I was super stoked to win one of the bigger prizes: a 100,000 Won (think around $100) gift certificate to get my hair did at this fancy salon!

Booyah! We all know how I love to change up my hair.

So this is where you come in. I'm trying to keep the length in my hair, so what else could I do? Do I change the color? Should I just abandon the length and go short again? Do I go red? Do I do something crazy?

These are my questions. Now I want answers.


Corinna said...

You should totally go red! In my humble opinion at least...

Momma Elk said...

You are in Asia. You have to go crazy. You at least have to have red bangs or something.

Erik said...

Purple hair, you and I have talked about that before. DO IT!!!!!!!!!