Wednesday, March 24, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Even though I'm pretty sure I'm not Irish at all (let me know if I'm wrong, Dad), I feel inspired to celebrate St. Patrick's Day every year.

This year, I felt extra special celebrating it in Korea. I had Italian for dinner and then headed to a local German pub for some Catch Phrase. Booyah. I'm so international.

The real party was on Saturday. Some friends and I went up to Seoul for the parade! It was maybe the shortest and most horrible parade I've ever seen, but anywhere I can go in Korea that has a high amount of English speakers is always fun.

First off, we painted each others faces while waiting for the parade to start. In the local KFC. (They didn't really appreciate that.)

Then we watched the ten minute parade.

And then, of course, everyone wanted to celebrate with booze. As clearly shown in this picture, I stayed close to my mul. Eh, I mean, water. Mul=water in Korean. Gosh I'm so fluent sometimes the languages are blurred together. Hahaha not.

As you can see, we looked awesome. Multiple Koreans stopped the group for a photo. I hope we're on TV or something.

Its hard being famous in Korea. But somebody's gotta do it.


Chrissy Renae said...

I was totally there! But I didn't see you :( Probably because there were like 21945 white people and they all look the same to me.

Erin said...

You and the BSB, just bringing the best parts of America to Korea. Is that spiral thing behind you part of the parade, or an awesome building? I hope it's the latter.