Friday, March 26, 2010

Today was awesome

It all started when my eyes popped opened to a clock that read 7:57am.


I am supposed to be at school by 8:10am.

This was a problem.

I jumped out of bed, threw on some pants, put back my hair, and made it to school by 8:15am. So even though I didn't make it on time, I felt good about that. (ps my first class isn't until 8:30am so I wasn't really that worried. and i also threw on a shirt).

This never happens to me. I don't even remember falling asleep last night.

So this morning I was just not happy. I felt gross and wished I didn't have to teach all day.
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But universe! You show me who's boss!

Today turned out to be really awesome.

This week I've been teaching my students "what's up". To go along with this phrase, I also incorporate a new high five and a new handshake. Its been hilarious all week.

ME: Class, what's up?

KOREANS: What's up?

M: No, no, now you say "not much, you?"

K: No no not much you?

M: OK, class, what's up?

K: Whats up?

M: No, not much.

K: Not much.

And so on and so forth, until they finally understand that you have to respond to the question "whats up". Maybe even funnier is sometimes my coteachers will have to explain things in Korean and they sound really great saying 'whats up' amid all that Korean.

Another reason today was awesome: people started talking to me at lunch! Wow, what a concept. Actually, they started yesterday, but today was the real breaking point. I even remember two people's names. Bam!

It only got better after lunch.

Classes went swimmingly.

Two students came into my office at one point to drop off some of COT's things (i swear, she has students pick up and drop off her laptop at least 40 times a day) and while they were talking I overheard my name. Being that it was the only discernible word I picked up on, I immediately looked at them and asked them what was up. After some persuading I got them to tell me what they were saying about me. Expecting something much different (albeit worse), I was pleasantly surprised when the only thing they said was, "Isn't Cindy-teacher pretty?"

That just warms the heart right there. Especially after I got home and looked in the mirror for the first time all day and saw 'ready in five minutes' Cindy. I'll take it!

Perhaps one of the best moments of my day (perchance my LIFE) was when I walked into my last class of the day/week. On Friday's we have 7 periods instead of 6 (why? don't ask me) so it's not one to typically look forward to. However, this 7th period class is the best thing to happen to me.

Last week I did a powerpoint on different jobs/occupations. Every time there was a picture of a black person they would shout out "OBAMA". It made for an entire class period of laughing.

Today when I walked into my last class, the entire room literally erupted into cheers.

Full blown cheers.

There is nothing in this world quite like seeing 40 Korean 8th grade students smiling and excited to see you.

And that my friends, is why today might have changed my life.


Justin and Coralie said...

I'm glad it's going well in Korea and that they love you :) We love you here too, so don't let their love persuade you to stay away forever.

Meg said...

cindy ford. i love u.