Monday, March 15, 2010


(i am also lazy)

Today I've had the worst case of the Monday's. Ever. Its terrible.

Yes I'm still alive.

I don't like my new blog header, so I'll be changing that back soon.

I came to school early today to finish up a few things for my lessons this week.

And then bam! COT comes in and tells me that school is being moved up 10 minutes. So there goes my being early to finish up my lessons. Fantastic. (how do they just decide to do this the morning of? i do not get it)

And then bam! She tells me that I will start teaching after school classes. Starting today. So there goes my free time on Facebook and Gchat. Ugh.

Gosh. Working at work is so hard. hahaha JK.

But really I was super annoyed to hear this. Good things come though, like I get paid overtime for teaching the after school classes (not a lot, but i'll take it). And also this means lunch is 10 minutes earlier, so I guess thats cool.

(except lunch is not that cool. the best part of today's lunch was the seaweed. believe it)

Also, all was not lost today because one of my other coteachers (not COT) and I were talking and she asked if I was planning on staying another year. I told her I hadn't really been asked yet and that I wasn't sure I would. Then she said she hopes I stay a long time. That just pushed us through to real friends status. (If only she had fb, then it'd be official)

(also, i'm not really planning on staying another year. don't worry kids)

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D said...

Whew! You had me worried for a second.