Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What else don't we know about...


(This is the first installment of my "What else don't we know about" segment. Want me to research someone? Let me know! I can Wikipedia anyone you want)

Who is Bill Goldberg, you ask?

If you don't already know, he is a world renowned professional wrestler. He fought in the WCW and WWE and is basically awesome.

He is 43 and I am attracted to him. Or maybe I'm attracted to his muscles.
Either way, bam. He looks good.

Goldberg is also currently on the hit TV show Celebrity Apprentice and is kicking butt.
(Like we'd expect anything less of him.)

But what else don't we know about William Scott Goldberg?

Did you know that his mom is a classical violinist? And his father was an OBGYN? Who would've thought that combo would turn out such a giant man?

Did you know that his mom also breeds flowers and came up with a hybrid orchid, naming it after her son? Yes, this guy has a flower named after him. If you weren't jealous of him before, you should be now.

Did you know he's Jewish? Enough said. Respect.

Did you know he's just a stand up guy? Seriously. Watch Celebrity Apprentice. Reality TV is real. He's perfect.

Did you know he's my new obsession? You do now.


stewedslacker said...

You are so psychotic I can't help but respect you. Made love from Peru. On a side note, I met a dude from Ohio the other day that is 27 and has been to EVERY continent, even Antartica (he's been there 4 times.) He's my new hero.

Erin said...

I love this blog SO much. I love your sweet little angel, and I can't believe it's a year old! Time flies.

Ricky Martin= SHOCKER.

I love your adoring Korean students, and I would give anything to go to one of your classes.