Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big Week

It's hard regaining blogging composure after my last post. It's also hard regaining composure over my appetite. I seriously didn't feel like eating the two days after the challenge. And I'm telling you right now I never feel like eating ramen again. Ever.

Anyways, I watch four TV shows on a decently regular basis while I'm here.
No thanks to you, Hulu.

First off, we know and love Celebrity Apprentice.

Well, bad news friends.

My love Bill Goldberg was fired.

I know right?! Why would this happen?! I wish the girls would've lost so that one of them would've been fired, but no. The men had to lose and I was torn. I didn't know who I wanted to leave. We had Curtis Stone, Bret Michaels, and Goldberg. They are all so entertaining.

I'll miss you Goldberg. And your really weird sunglasses that make you look like a bug. Also, I love a man with a neck the same size as his entire head.

Also this past week, we finally had the finale of Project Runway. It was mundane. But I was glad Seth Aaron won, despite his hair. He was for sure the best of the three, which was why it was so mundane. And why was Faith Hill a guest judge? Some things I'll never know.

The other two shows I watch? Glee (who doesn't) and The Colbert Report. Sue Sylvester is the best character on TV right now.

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