Monday, April 19, 2010

The Crane

I have a sad, sad addiction.

In Korea (and come to find out, every Asian country), they have an infatuation with the crane game. Sometimes called the claw game.

You know, the game that you pay to play and most of the time lose? And all there is to win is a cheap stuffed animal that probably only costs $1 in real life, but getting it with a crane makes you want to spend won after won or dollar after dollar, eventually resulting in you spending over ten dollars only to walk away empty handed?

This is my life.

But I can't stop playing the crane game.

I walk past 5 just on the way to school. They are in front of most Family Marts, there are rooms dedicated to multiple crane games next to every movie theatre. These are the places I go the most, and these are the crane games that take away my money.

I have not once won something from the crane game. Ever.

But I will not give up. I will one day defeat the game.


Rachel said...

I'd like to quote Dory (from Nemo) for you: "Just keep swiming, just keep swiming..."


Ben said...

You need Erik, He just won a nice Raggety Ann Doll on Saturday at Walmart!

Kristalyn said...

It must be genetic- David loves those things. He has actually won a few times as I'm sure you will too before you leave. :)