Friday, April 16, 2010

Current Stats

Days since I've been on American soil: 208

Days I have left in Korea: 157

Other countries soil I've been on: 3

Teenage Korean boys I teach: 800

Out of 800, how many names I know: 19

Average length of strangers staring at me: 15 seconds

Times I've watched Arrested Development all the way through: 3

Concerts attended: 2

Times I've had to decline alcohol (to the dismay of my friends): 73

Sour straws consumed: 64

Trips to Seoul: 33

Times COT's phone goes off everyday: at least 8

Seasons of Seinfeld purchased from our supplier on the street: 9

Qdoba burritos eaten: 0 (sad)

Vacation days used: 6

Vacation days left: 14

Countries left to visit: 3?

Visits to the noraebang (karaoke): 5

Manicures: 3

Taco Bell meals: 3

Memories made: 405,830,284,058 and counting

1 comment:

Erik said...

how do you keep track of all that. It's inhuman, except by you.