Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I forgot to wear deodorant today, and a kid took off his pants in class


I did forget to put on deodorant today. I realized this as I walked out of my building this morning. I could have easily just walked back up and fixed this situation, but I kept going. Sometimes I reason that if no one else in the country has to wear it, why should I?

But now I kind of got a whiff of the pit. And I realize: that is why I should wear deodorant.

As far as the second half of my title goes (you know, about how a kid took off his pants), the story goes as follows...

Imagine you're about to start teaching. You're standing in front of about 20 kids in your after-school class. This class is trouble. But you tried to make today fun by having everyone join together for some card games! You're such a thoughtful (or lazy) teacher!

While you are handing out candy for the previous days candy winners, you take attendance of the kids sitting around the classroom. Pretty proud of yourself for knowing most of the kids names, you smile to yourself as you hand Dong-woo his candy. Dong-woo is one of your favorites. He's like a spy for you and tells you when other kids are playing on their phones. He gets some sick pleasure out of ruining his classmates lives. And you kind of respect that.

As you circulate the room, you pay little attention to the table of four boys in the back corner. They are the worst kind of trouble makers. Nothing works to get them to pay attention.

And then, suddenly, your eyes meander over to this corner of boys. Three of them are laughing. Experience tells you that you should look at the fourth boy to figure out the reason for such laughter.

And there he is. The fourth boy.


He's just sitting there in his underwear.

This kid is in 8th grade.

I felt a sudden range of emotions. First instinct: laugh! Because I am immature and WHAT AM I DOING IN KOREA AND WHY AM I TEACHING AND WHY IS THIS KID NOT WEARING PANTS?! This is my life.

But strangely enough, this desire to laugh was fleeting. It then transformed into a sick anger. This sick anger turned into yelling. And this yelling turned into I HATE THIS KID.

Once the four boys notice that I've noticed, the pantsless wonder begins to put his pants back on. I am livid. I force each boy to go to a separate corner in the room. They are not allowed to speak or move the entire class.

I tried to make it look like the rest of us were having the best time ever, just because I wanted them to feel more pain for their mistake.

After class, I mentioned to COT what happened. "Cot", I said, "Some kid TOOK OFF HIS PANTS. IN CLASS". Her first reaction, "Oh, was he changing his pants?".

I guess its ok to take off your pants if you are changing them. In class.

The end.


Sarah Moeck said...

HAHAHAHA!! I was reading this at work and laughed so hard I ALMOST peed my pants. Lizzing, for reals. I LOVE YOU

stewedslacker said...

A pantless kid leaves himself totally unprotected for the WORST types of cheap shots. You obviously couldn't do anything, but I bet with a little candy bribing, the other students would have made your ire felt for the rest of that punks life. Muh hah hha ha huh hahah ah... (that's my evil laughter)

Erin said...

WHA? Who takes their pants off? I refuse to believe there's some sort of cultural "oh, was he changing? Because here in Korea everyone changes in public" sort of dealio. That kid is a gweirdo. (that's gross and weird, if you don't hang out around me enough, which you do not.)

Erik said...