Sunday, April 25, 2010

What else don't we know about...part 2

Welcome to the second installment of "What else don't we know about?"

Next up on our agenda:

William Taft!

I feel like Bill gets a bad rap. I mean, sure. Maybe the only thing I really remember about him from history class is that he got stuck in a bathtub. But is that all there is to know about him?

(also, fyi, when you google image search william taft, the sixth picture to come up is a bathtub. see what i mean?)

He was president of the U.S.A. from 1909 to 1913, making him lucky number 27.

But what else don't we know about Bill Taft?

Did you know? Bill didn't have a vice president from 1912-1913?

Did you know? He was the only president to be a judge on the Supreme Court?

Did you know? He was the first president to own a car at the White House?

Did you know? Bill LOVED milk so much that he brought his own cow to the White House?
That cow was named Mooly Wolly (so clever). His next cow was named Paulin. And Paulin, bless her heart, was the last cow to ever graze at the White House.

Ok, so what do we learn from this?
Getting stuck in a bathtub was maybe the most exciting thing Bill ever did as president. So it's ok if thats the only thing you remember about him.

Said Taft: "I am not in favor of suffrage for women until I can be convinced that all the women desire it; and when they desire it I am in favor of giving it."
Nov. 2, 1909.

(ps i just told my friend kevin that i was writing a blog about taft and guess what he said?
"did you mention he got stuck in the bathtub at the white house?!")



Ms. O'Page said... nerdiness was affirmed by the fact that I knew the cow thing. Sad. Almost as sad as you not eating any Q'Doba burritos in a looong time :p

Justin and Coralie said...

Haha... yeah that's the only fact I remembered about him. Thanks for the education ;)