Friday, May 28, 2010


The second installment of "Meet the Ptaek Family"


(alex has left us physically, returning to the states earlier than we would like, but her presence is still felt in every step we take)

I think of her every time I see a hot dog.

Alex is a bundle of fun! We love her because she makes us laugh, she can quote movie lines with the best of them, and she is a whiz at dizzy bat (among many other things).

I am really lucky to have Facebook stalked her when I first got to Korea. And I'm really glad she didn't think I was creepy when I did it. And that we went to Beyonce together. And that we've had so many blissful memories since then.

Also, I hope the YMCA appreciates her as much as we do.

In the words of Mariah, "there's a hero, if you look inside your heart. You don't have to be afraid of who you are".

Long live Harry Potter. And Catch Phrase.

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