Thursday, May 27, 2010

Asian Stereotypes

Coming to Korea has made me realize that Asian stereotypes are true.

All of them.

(when i say asian i mostly only mean korean because hey! i live in korea!)

Let's list a few, shall we?

1. All Asians look alike.
I know this is a harsh and broad statement to make. And while I don't fully agree with this statement (i can tell my students apart...sometimes), all Asians seem to agree with it. More than once I have been talking to an Asian and they have mentioned that sometimes Asians are the most dramatically dressed people because they need a way to separate themselves from the sea of similarity (also, I just watched this weeks episode of Glee and i feel like it supports this)

a. I have also heard a few people say that they think all white people look alike. I didn't really agree, but then I had random people tell me that they thought I looked like famous people that I don't look like at all. (i.e. britney spears and jessica alba?) So yeah. I don't look like them at all.

2. Asian women are the worst drivers in the world.
So, so true.

I haven't had a lot of experience with women drivers in this country, seeing as I don't drive. But every experience I've had with a woman driving has been horrible.
Most taxi drivers here are men. And while they can be punks, most of the time they are either silent or really funny and entertaining. I have had a female taxi driver once (i always avoid them). She drove in the wrong direction for a significant time while I shouted at her in Korean to go the opposite way.

Also, in the past few days I've driven around with a couple coteachers. In the maybe 45 minutes total with these two women, there were major traffic laws violated, included but not limited to: stopping at green lights, the worst reverse parking job I've ever witnessed, and driving down the wrong side of the street for at least 100 yards.

3. All Asians know how to give massages
I swear they teach this in the private schools. Otherwise I just don't understand it.
Proven by the fact that one day I was talking to some students and one suddenly grabs my hand and starts giving me a hand massage (yeah, super awkward).

4. They are smart
This is only an extent. Asians study SO HARD! They are at school their entire young lives. So they are super book smart. Book smart. Key words. I'll stop there.

5. Asian men can't grow facial hair
Mostly true. This guy challenged this statement.
(don't worry. its real. i touched it)

I'll stop there.

PS: there is a wiki for asian stereotypes. awesome.

PPS: i promise i'm not racist.

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