Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Teacher/Bad Teacher?

Sometimes I think I'm teaching my young students something.

Challenging young minds, if you will.
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Take the current lesson I'm teaching. The chapter in their book is entitled "How MP3 Files Work" or something equally lame.

So from that, I draw out the lesson of "Music Mania" wherein I discuss different types of music we listen to in the U.S. of A.

For the country music selection I play some old school "Boot Scootin' Boogie" by the one and only Brooks and Dunn. And for a more modern 'country' song I play some Taylor Swift.

The moment she appeared on the screen, there was a gasp from the class. They were in love.

At first I wondered if this was too inappropriate. But I mean, its Taylor Swift. She's more modest than 98% of current music artists. So I kept it going.

They LOVED it. They didn't want me to change songs. Ever.

Also, surprisingly enough, they enjoyed my rock music selections: KISS, Van Halen (i thought about playing them 'hot for teacher' but decided against it), and AC/DC.

Kanye West was a favorite Hip Hop star.
And they were shocked to find out Will Smith was a rapper.
Gettin' Jiggy wit it.

I knew this lesson was a real success when I had three (3) students come up to me after class to ask me to write down song names and artists so they can go home and check out the music.

BAM! Good teacher.


Sometimes I think I'm a bad teacher:

Korea has this wonderful little holiday called "Teacher's Day".

As you can easily guess, this is a holiday for teachers. And funny enough as it is, I am currently a teacher.

What did I get for Teachers Day?


(not awesome, students. not. awesome.)

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Erin said...

Probably you're such a cool teacher that they're embarrassed by how much they like you, so they didn't get you anything for Teachers' Day, because then you would KNOW how much they like you, and then they lose some cred with their peers by being too into the teacher.