Monday, May 31, 2010

North Korea

(believe it)

i love this sign because it makes me think of disneyland...only not the happiest place on earth

I went to North Korea on Saturday.

NBD (no big deal).

Some friends and I headed up to the Demilitarized Zone (the area that separates North and South Korea) on Saturday to hang out with the guys up north.

Like this guy!

He had some binoculars for awhile and was staring at us through them. The Army guys/tour guides who took us around gave us strict instruction to not point or make gestures of any kind towards these guys because they take note of everything that happens. (sooo it could be bad?).

We even had to sign a "Visitors Declaration" stating that "The visit to the Joint Security Area at Panmunjom will entail entry into a hostile area and possibility of injury or death". DEATH

I like this picture because the guy in the forefront of this photo is a South Korean and the guy in the background is a North Korean soldier. And they stand in this position.

This is North Korea! BAM:

We also hit up one of the four tunnels that North Korea dug out in anticipation for future hostility between these two countries. They created multiple tunnels and while the North denies these tunnels are from them, it is obvious they are lying. South Koreans have found four tunnels so far, but they believe there are several more.

Anyways, one of the tunnels is open to the public (at least part of it is) so we got to crawl through that. You could tell it was an Asian tunnel because it was tall enough for Korean soldiers, but not anyone else. I was hunched over the entire time. (no photos were allowed so if you feel so inclined you can go here)

We also went to the train station that was built in hopes of connecting all of Korea. It ran for a while but then it was closed down after a woman was shot down by the north. So now this station stands empty. So sad.

(i love the yawn)

All in all the DMZ tour was pretty interesting, especially with the current raised concern for this area of the world. I will just say that I'm pretty sure everyone at home in the USA is wayyyyy more nervous about anything happening then the Koreans. There was an obvious tension on that line that separates the two countries, but I also could tell it was just the way it is. I had heard you could hear propaganda over the loudspeakers right now, but we heard none. Sad.

DMZ: recommended.

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