Monday, May 24, 2010


That last blog post was meant to head in a different direction, but I just decided to let it go where it wanted to. So now I write this blog.

Last weekend I had the luxury of having a four day weekend.

Thanks to Buddha's birthday and my school's anniversary, I had four days to do anything I wanted to do. And I wanted to go to the beach.

So I went.

I packed up my bag and jumped on a train for Busan, located in the southeast corner of the country. It was about a 5 hour ride but luckily it went by fast.

And then, I was at the beach. Thank goodness.

The water was still freezing but the sun and the sand made my trip already worth it.

From there I saw a couple Buddhist temples (in my opinion, two of the most beautiful temples I've seen in this country) and for maybe the first time since landing in Korea, I thought it had striking natural beauty. I loved being in the mountains and being surrounded by nature.

I also headed into the biggest shopping mall in the world...but it closed at 8pm. What mall closes at 8? The restaurants were still open so I treated myself to a nice meal at Macaroni Grill (ps , its a billion times classier here. which was nice, but i missed being able to draw on the tables).

The next day I met up with a friend in Gyeongju, one of the most historically alive cities in this country. It is considered the 'museum without walls' as there are so many monuments spread throughout the city. As my luck would have it, I ran into some missionaries just a few seconds away from the train station who helped point me in the right direction and give me some tips. They would later come in very handy. Thanks missionaries!

This is more of a journal-y post, so I'll end it here. Well, after some photos. And as far as Gyeongju is concerned, my camera battery died about five minutes into our first outing so I have no digital photos. Once I get my handy dandy disposable camera pictures developed, I'll scan them? No, no I won't.

Anyways. Busan.

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San Ba Po said...

When are you coming back? can we go sit at the beach of Huntington in California?