Thursday, May 27, 2010

Talent Show

I feel like I can consider myself a seasoned talent show performer. It started when I was younger and I have participated in many a nights on stage.
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We won't mention how many of these times my alter ego Cher-indy came around.

So last week when I stopped by the adjacent high school after school to talk to my friend, and ended up walking in on a group getting ready for their talent show the following day, and having them asking me to join them on stage, I wasn't shy about saying yes.

Does that make sense?

They were doing a medley of two songs. The first was some Korean pop song I didn't know. The second was "Let's Get it Started" by Black Eyed Peas.

I remember I used to kind of hate that song.

But after spending so much time listening to it last week with my new Korean friends, I love it.

It all started with a simple request from them for me to dance in the background.

Because why wouldn't a random white girl dancing behind them on stage NOT help them out in their talent show competition?

I jumped at the chance! I love dancing. I love talent shows.
And I love random experiences like this.

We practiced a couple times and I got roped into adding some vocals to their already stellar show. Seriously. They were rapping the entire song (in English!) perfectly. I was impressed. I only didn't want to distract from their talent.

The next day we practiced a few more times before the show started. We were the LAST performance (never my favorite time to go, but it worked this time). They had some things up their sleeves that they hadn't told me about, and during those parts I just stayed on stage and danced. A dancing fool I was.

Welp, turns out the crew won SECOND PLACE! Bam! I was so proud to be a last minute addition to that.

I'm hopefully going to get footage of our performance soon. But until then, enjoy this horribly put together video of backstage!

PS The three boys from this experience are my new best friends. seriously. more on them later.

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