Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This is whats up

I'm sitting at my desk with red arms and a crispy sunburned forehead.

Yes, its starting.


Korea decided to go from below freezing to hotter than hellllo operator temperatures without so much as blinking an eye.

Just in time for today's activity: Sports Day!

Where all 800 students and teachers hang outside all day for soccer games, soccer games, and more soccer games. There was a dash of relay racing and jump roping thrown in there, but it was all over shadowed by the soccer games.

Which works for me because I bet one kid (hey, i taught him the word 'bet'. i'm such a teacher) that if he scores three goals I'll buy him a coke. So far he's only made 1. Meaning I'm one coke richer. Suckaaaa!!

I also met this kids mom and tried to tell her she has a good kid. But simplifying that down turns into 'good boy' which sounds more like a compliment for a dog. And he's not actually that 'good'. He's just really fun and we like the same music and he dances like Michael Jackson. So a better compliment should've been 'cool kid' or 'entertaining kid'. His mom seemed pleased enough.

I took maybe 80 pictures of Sports Day. I hope to get them up here soon, but half the time I write that on this blog I never actually do it. There are some gems though. Today I love my students.

(for the record-yesterday-i did not love them).

I'm pretty sure I'll post those pics though.

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San Ba Po said...

Maybe I should send you those gloves I wear when I am driving in the summer... and a sun hat...