Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brother Aaron

Happy birthday!!!!

You are the best.

Aaron is pretty much the nicest person in the world. I often tell him he is too nice.
Which is true.

He rarely complains and has helped me out tremendously in my life.

I remember when Aaron left for his mission I thought a part of me left too (is that cheesy? yes, yes it is). But it was a weird transition for me. Two years without my twin? Wack.attack.

Anyways, today is his birthday! He is fantastic!

Miss you!

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Ninja Monkey said...

Thanks Cindy! Though I'm not that nice:) Don't forget, since we are twins you have all the same attributes and qualities as me :) I miss you too! I am glad you will be home in less than a hundred days! We will party. Yes, We will...