Thursday, June 3, 2010


(The third part of a series entitled "Meet the Ptaek Family")

This is Kate:

Yeah. Not only is she just plain b-e-a-utiful, but she has a heart of gold.

We love Kate because she can party all night long, she has really big...eyelashes, and she is always game for a McDonalds ice cream cone (which is why we probably eat an ice cream cone every chance we can get).

She is also a lover of Costco. Always a positive in my book. And she is just really really nice.
(even if she makes fun of 'percy jackson and lightning thief'. not cool, kate)

Kate is a blossoming poet.

Recently she wrote this for me (i cried it was so poignant):

(printed with permission)

Dear Cindy
Today feels windy
You are a lot of fun
Even though you live like a nun.
I want to make a sweater.
Life with you is just better.
You make me laugh like hehe, haha, hoho
When we leave Korea I will miss you like whoa!
I'm glad you are going to marry Nate.
You and him and me together is FATE.
I hope I never see you eat cotton candy again.
I promise to love you forever till the end.



(and i can't wait to marry Nate. its mtb.)
(and don't ask about the cotton candy. it was a mistake)


Jill said...

Was it Tear Jerker CC? Because eating that is never a mistake.

Erik said...

" I want to make a sweater" hmm where did THAT come in

Meg said...

i wanna be friends with kate!!

Miss MyKelle J said...

woo woo!!! you and Nate will have the most beautiful babies ever...

is this our nate? the nate who is related to that one guy i like dated once upon a time?

i have some interesting news. you might need to throw some bows. just sayin'