Sunday, June 20, 2010


(the 4th installment of the "Meet the Ptaek family"

Meet Matt:

(photo courtesy of fb; in matt's more 'gloriously youthful days')

Matt is one of those guys with a Southern charm. Hailing from Georgia/North Carolina/Heaven, Matt and I have one of those relationships that is full of love. And sometimes hate.

(honest box: i did hate matt for one night when he beat me at the crane game. i am sorry for all those that were involved, and for ripping the head off his newly acquired toy. but i am also still jealous of the fact that he beat me at my own game. right in front of me. this is my public apology)

We have been through a lot, Matt and I. It only makes us stronger.

Matt also wants everyone to know that if you're in North Carolina, you need to go to Buns and eat some buns. And let us know how the dragon sauce tastes.

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Momma Elk said...

North Carolina!!!