Monday, June 14, 2010

Name that tune

So, just got back from a weekend trip to none other than China!

I hope my COT doesn't see this. Because I had a h-e-double hockey stick of a time answering her million questions about my sickness from Thursday and Friday. I feel like I'm taking a risk just by posting this...

(i'm slightly, or more than slightly, paranoid)


China was a good time. For sure.

Highlights include:
Meeting up with Mark! Made the trip totally worth it!
Becoming bff's with the hostel workers
Eating scorpion and snake
A big wall
Chinese acrobats
Haggling for everything we bought
Dressing up in Chinese clothes
Learning the Chinese numbers
Playing Name that Tune for our million hour walk home
Eating a Dairy Queen Blizzard
Hearing a man play The Star Spangled Banner on his saxophone in the park
Eating ice cream in the Forbidden City
The Chinese gut (tbbl -to be blogged later)

The Chinese gut
Fog on the great wall
Air that burned the lungs with every breath
Eating scorpions and snake (but mostly snake-icky)
The most aggressive sales people ever

and on my way back, i got upgraded to business class.



Dance II said...

Dear Cindy,
I am so jealous of your adventurous endeavors. You are a travel maniac! I hope you found the hood in every place you have gone.

Justin and Coralie said...

So jealous! Love the pictures! And, WHY did you eat scorpion and snake?! Ewww!

Alexandra said...

I hate you. I have never been upgraded.

Viva la Varner said...

Oh MAN I wish I was on that trip with you guys!!!! Seriously it looks like you guys had the greatest time and I want to bust up laughing just looking at the pictures. The pictures of you guys dressed up like China people is priceless. And Mark looks different with a shaved head.