Monday, July 12, 2010

The Beach!

Saturday I went to the beach.

It was glorious.

The sun wasn't really out, but it was shining. As made evident by a really awesome sunburn I'm currently sporting. Feels good!

But let me tell our story through these pictures:

Right off the bus I found some really fun Koreans. I gave them candy. We were friends.

We found our spot on the beach and then I ran into the water. Its the first time I've been to an ocean/sea in a long time, and I forgot about the salt water aspect. It was icky.

Oh and then there was the infamous banana boat incident. Five of us girls went on a banana boat ride. It was my first time on a banana boat, but I didn't think much of it. One of our friends told us that one of us should fall off the boat so we could stay on longer.

And then I DID fall off the banana boat. Twice. Yeah, we got to stay on a lot longer. You're welcome friends.

This picture is just post banana boat. I beckoned for this well-oiled piece of machinery to join us, and as you can see, he readily accepted.

This man was buried:

Some of the girls:

And our whole group! We owned that beach.

I'm pretty sure I touched at least 3 strangers pecs at the beach. It was a good day.

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