Friday, July 23, 2010


(the second to last-i think-installment of 'meet the ptaek fam'. its a good one. be excited)

Meet Chris:

(ignore the drink...or don't)

Chris is a pretty swell guy. Don't let his manly exterior scare you away from the sensitive, sweet puppy dog inside.

You want to know how to cook? Ask Chris.

You want to know why vegetarians are lame and why soy is actually really unhealthy?
Ask Chris.

Want to lose every argument with another person? Go to Chris.

He's a good guy with a deceivingly big heart. Yeah, I just said it.

One time in Seoul when a drunk Asian tried groping me, Chris took the challenge. And won.

He's got a way with the ladies (sometimes) and brings a good party. You know Chris is serious about partying when he brings out his knee brace.

Best part about Chris? He's ticklish.

Worst part about Chris? Being scared to tickle him because of his giant muscles.

Yup, that's our guy!

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