Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DDR Revelation

Back in college, I was roommates with a very spunky girl. Some called her a little crazy, but she was super fun and we had many a good times.

There was this one guy in our apartment complex who really, really liked stargazing. He had a giant telescope (hahaha-thats not what she said) and every Sunday he would set it up in the middle of the complex. He would then go around asking various girls to come 'look through his telescope'.

Ok writing that out makes it seem kinda creepy. I guess it was?

Anyways, when asked this question, my roommate quickly said YES and ran out to the telescope. Gonna be honest, but it was a sweet telescope. Thousands of dollars were spent on it. I think we could see Saturn. Awesome.

Well, the telescope boy had a couple friends hanging out with him. They were interesting (read: weird) but my roommate was a lover of all people so she was super nice to them and talking about random things and then they decided this was enough of a relationship to invite her (and therefore me) to a party.

A DDR party.

So my roommate somehow convinces me to go with her to this "party" (i didn't want to, but i guess i'm easy to convince) and we leave with these two brothers, their friend, and his girlfriend.

Mormon guys are so sneaky at forced awkward (double/triple) dates.

We get to the brothers house (well, their parents house) and are led down to their basement and through a maze of rooms (still creepy) to a tiny room with a TV and two DDR pads. And not much room for anything else.

I guess this was our DDR Party. Awesome.

The six of us start to play DDR (or 5 of them. i felt like i was going to be murdered or something) and then the friend of the brothers busts out his guitar and starts jamming out. Like hard core singing. Like serenading all of us with really strange song lyrics.

I was trying to hard to get my roommate to catch all my signals of 'hey, we should go. this is weird' but she was a little oblivious.

We ended up staying and watching a movie at their house. I felt uncomfortable the entire time. And that's saying something.

Anyways, this was all brought to light last night when I hung out with some of the other teachers in my apartment building (there are 4 of us). We decided to get together and order some pizzas and hang out.

And then someone suggested DDR.

I shuttered.

BUT I did find this gem. Have any of you ever watched this video before? It's pure genius! (anything with a midget aka little person is)


blakecgriffin said...

It's bad form to laugh at your own 'that's what she said' joke.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for making me laugh till I cried. I want to be just like that blond girl in the video.