Wednesday, July 7, 2010


(the fifth part in a series entitled "meet the ptaek fam")

Meet John:

Yes, he looks this good. All the time.

What you can't see is his bottom half. He is sporting what the world knows to be jorts. (ps i just found this: And if you want a definition of jorts, click here).
The bandanna only adds to his emsemble.

He also has a fascinating bellybutton.

But we can't talk about his striking physical features all day (well, we could, but there are other things to talk about too).

We should probably talk about how John is the most dedicated to learning Korean. This could be because John is in love with Korean women, but whatever the motivation is, its working. He comes in handy. He also has the most Korean friends. Winner!

John and I have a good thing going. We're just there for each other, you know?

(giving me a tic-tac after an unfortunate incident eating ramen)

(airplane. duh)

And John can't be mentioned without the drum game. It is a special thing.
He's got skillz.

Yeah, thats John.
Our redheaded stepsibling/secret lover that has to stay secret because its weird to love a stepsibling.

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Anonymous said...

jorts may be the funniest thing i hear all day. thank you urban dictionary.