Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two Days...two days


And then! Vacation for three weeks. Bam sucka!


In related news, brother Kris just got to Korea for a nice little visit. He abandoned his job for three weeks and we plan to traverse the depths of Korea in a monumental and transformational way. At least we hope so. Or I hope so. I haven't really gotten to talk to him about it much.

Jet lag=not awesome

And then after those three weeks, who knows. Some things are up in the air. But blog world, I'll be sure to let you know when I know.

My life=unpredictable

Also, COT already started her vacation. Yesterday.

COT vacation=unpredictably awesome

Also, I want this Korean boy at work (not a student, fyi) to love me. Jung-min! LOVE ME! Forget your gf of three years and just love me. You won't regret it.

Jung-min=making a huge mistake

Also, right now I'm teaching an advanced reading class and we're plowing our way through the Roald Dahl book "George's Marvelous Medicine". It's a pretty boring class because I'm having a hard time making a reading class exciting, but today I decided to bring in all sorts of different juices and then we (my class of 4 students) mixed them all together for our own 'marvelous medicine'. Well, it tasted really bad. Really, really bad (i blame the giant amount of pineapple juice one of the kids threw in) so then we rock paper scissor'ed to see who had to drink it. As soon as one kid finished chugging his turn away, he immediately ran to the bathroom. And then the rest of the time he had an upset stomach.

Me=really good teacher


Erin said...

I wish you were my reading teacher.

stewedslacker said...

Teaching the youth mixed drinks.. you are an awesome teacher

Valerie said...

My mind is a little blown right now by how many of those kids have glasses. What is going on over there that those kids have such terrible eyes?