Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup

Imma be honest.

Cindy+World Cup=indifference

Of course, I love and support the home team. I always want them to do well.
But other than that...meh

This time around, it meant me cheering for two home teams: USA and Korea.

Koreans go CRAZY for the World Cup. They love it. My students happiness levels depended on the outcome of the games. Since the games were played in the middle of the night our time, I wouldn't ever know the final scores. But then I would come to school and would find out just by looking at the poor boys faces. Genius.

Welp, we decided to be a little more involved and head up to Seoul to watch one of the games with the rest of our Korean citizens. And when I say we, I really mean I didn't want to because it was at like midnight and it meant me having to stay in Seoul and blah blah but I went.

And I'm glad I did (thanks kim and kate).

First off, I'm glad I went because I got this sweet hat!

What a good way to spend 1000 won. It also makes a handy flotation device if the world is flooded.

Also good because all the drunk Koreans wanted to take their picture with me. I'm kind of like a celebrity here. Especially with that hat.

Also good because its always a good time with these people:

And then Korea lost and it wasn't as cool anymore.

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