Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kris Visit!

My bro Kris was here for 3 weeks-I just sent him back home today.

It was a good time and when I went out tonight it was weird to not have him by my side.

I was thinking about it and I'm pretty sure that was the most consecutive time I've ever spent with any other person in my entire life. Wild. Good thing Kris is really chill and agreeable so he didn't get on my nerves at all! I only hope the feeling is mutual (but we all know I'm not so chill nor agreeable...)

Anyways, a summary of some of what we did via photos.

By far this is my favorite pic of Kris! I laugh every time. We went on a Han river boat tour (with a magic show, mind you) and at one point you go under this bridge that has water spouting out of it. Well, Kris decided he wouldn't move out of the way...

He came to Korea and I forced him to go to a Korean wedding.

A little blurry but Kris big pimpin it.

All of you who didn't visit me in Korea: you suck

Kris: you do not suck

Silence is Golden

I know, I've been really lacking in fantastic posts lately.

I have a few ideas running around my head and I think about writing them, or I start writing them, but then I always end up either erasing everything I type or forgetting about them and never posting them.

It has been a busy few weeks for me. Busy with awesome-ness.

Including but not limited to: constant party-time with the bro Kris, amusement park Everland, many Seoul trips, making friends with new guys at church, eating a lot of good food, shopping, bus tours, moh moh moh. All good things.


I'm in a weird stage right now. Trying to soak up every last bit of Korean life that I can while getting excited about home and friends and family. Its kind of a tough balancing act.

Don't get me wrong. I'm super duper excited about getting back to the States (and I might also miss referring to home as 'the states' because thats what cool people say) and I'm excited about seeing my family and hanging out with them and not being in a place where people would rather stand than sit next to me on public transportation and tortillas and football. There are so many great things at home!

But there are also so many great things in this home. I will miss the sunsets and the caramel popcorn they serve at the movie theatres and the way people bow and the respect they have for their elders and how people get so excited when you tell them their English is good.

I remember the uncertainty I felt a year ago. I remember the worries I had as I climbed onto the plane to an unknown world. And it amazes me how that world has transformed into my home and into a place that is familiar and comforting.

Leaving this home is harder than I thought it would be.

(but i can't wait for new adventures...)


(another segment of the infamous 'meet the ptaek fam' that you all love!)

Meet Kim:

Kim is great for so many reasons. I wish I could list them all on this blog, but it would take too long and we all know I'm lazy.

Kim really likes Shrek and old men. And when I say she likes old men, I really really mean she likes old men. I don't know how many pictures she has with old Korean men. A lot. She also enjoys Elvis. And cats.

She is a party. And before she decided to eat healthy we ate junk food together. But now I eat junk food and she pulls a fruit out of her purse and its not the same. But I still like her.

We spend countless hours gchatting and sharing all sorts of information with each other. Life decisions, COT problems, bowel movements. Our relationship has no bounds. It's nice. Kim is one of those friends that just makes life more fun. And even though for some reason Facebook doesn't agree with our friendship and won't let me see any of her pictures, it is real.

I'm really going to miss Kim when this whole thing is over. Like, a lot.
But we'll always have Pyeongtaek.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happpppy Birthday!

I have many brothers, but only one brother named Donald.

And today is Donald's birthday! But not just any birthday; today Donald turns 18.

I think I speak for all of us siblings when I say...weird. Weird that he's 18.

But super duper exciting!

So on this very special day, Kris and I say....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Couples t-shirts have never looked better

Korean goal #42:
Find someone to be the other half of my couples tshirt quest. in public. and in love.

Mission accomplished.

In Korea, there are TONS of couples tshirts. Usually worn at the start of new relationships, these couples can range from having the same tshirt, to having the same tshirt, pants, shoes, and hat. It's all about showing their love and affection for each other.

And I totally dig this cheesy part of Korean culture.

So much that I wanted it for myself.

After forcing myself on a (practically) stranger, and simply asking him if he would wear couples tshirts with me, and him saying yes (but only because he didn't think i'd actually follow through) this was a momentous day.

Enter: my other half/tshirt to my tshirt/matt

Matt is good looking. I may or may not have seen him shirtless. Don't ask how.

And he might be embarrassed if he knew this blog were written, but I'm just throwing it out there. Nobody tell him, ok?

Anyways, I convinced him to match me. In public.

We're in love.

You better believe we sang a duet at the noraebang together.

Our song: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz.

Island Life

So this past weekend we (my bro and i, along with couple friends) had the luxury of making our way down to Jeju for a little trip.

Jeju=the Hawaii of Korea. A hot tourist destination for Russians, Koreans, and other Southeast Asians. And us.

It was beautiful!

We went to the beach, rode some horses, went to the beach, ate some food, watched a most beautiful sunrise after waking up at 4 am and hiking up a mountain, and tried to find parties by asking stranger Korean men 'Where is the party?" (in Korean...i'm so fluent)

And for your viewing pleasure, a selection of photos.

Not a bad trip. Not a bad trip at all.

Jeju is beachin'

(thank you e-mart for supplying me with these very awesome pants)

i made friends with these life guards/police men. i wish i had taken a mo' betta picture. they'll always be the ones that got away.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh Korea

My time is coming up short in this beloved little land and I'm feeling a variety of emotions that include: excitement, sadness, frustration, fear, happiness, and insecurity.

But mostly I just wanted to say that I love this place. A whole whole lot.

Not to mention these boys. Ohhhhh these boys.

The Fever

I came to Korea with a goal and determination.

I would not get the yellow fever.

I would not be into guys with perfect style and man bags.

I would shun the popped collars and the carefully styled hair.

I would not yield!!


But some things change.

I feel like its been a long time coming.

And now, I'm sick with it.

One reason:


I'd like to think we're in love. But don't tell his girlfriend (of 1202 days, mind you).

I work with him (hey! there's my brother) and he's just the sweetest guy ever. I love him.

Also, what might have pushed the fever above 100 degrees was a certain beautiful Korean man I met on Sunday. And if you're lucky, you'll read more about him later.

And if not I'll still write a weirdly creepy confession of my random obsession of him at a later date.

I'm here to please!