Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Fever

I came to Korea with a goal and determination.

I would not get the yellow fever.

I would not be into guys with perfect style and man bags.

I would shun the popped collars and the carefully styled hair.

I would not yield!!


But some things change.

I feel like its been a long time coming.

And now, I'm sick with it.

One reason:


I'd like to think we're in love. But don't tell his girlfriend (of 1202 days, mind you).

I work with him (hey! there's my brother) and he's just the sweetest guy ever. I love him.

Also, what might have pushed the fever above 100 degrees was a certain beautiful Korean man I met on Sunday. And if you're lucky, you'll read more about him later.

And if not I'll still write a weirdly creepy confession of my random obsession of him at a later date.

I'm here to please!

1 comment:

dianita said...

i would marry jung-min.