Tuesday, August 17, 2010


(another segment of the infamous 'meet the ptaek fam' that you all love!)

Meet Kim:

Kim is great for so many reasons. I wish I could list them all on this blog, but it would take too long and we all know I'm lazy.

Kim really likes Shrek and old men. And when I say she likes old men, I really really mean she likes old men. I don't know how many pictures she has with old Korean men. A lot. She also enjoys Elvis. And cats.

She is a party. And before she decided to eat healthy we ate junk food together. But now I eat junk food and she pulls a fruit out of her purse and its not the same. But I still like her.

We spend countless hours gchatting and sharing all sorts of information with each other. Life decisions, COT problems, bowel movements. Our relationship has no bounds. It's nice. Kim is one of those friends that just makes life more fun. And even though for some reason Facebook doesn't agree with our friendship and won't let me see any of her pictures, it is real.

I'm really going to miss Kim when this whole thing is over. Like, a lot.
But we'll always have Pyeongtaek.

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