Sunday, September 12, 2010


Continuing on talking about one of my favorite subjects (men/brown men), I thought I'd give a recap on one of our favorite people.


If you don't remember him, take a look here.

My recent encounter with Junior has made me think back on all my memories with Howeezi.

I don't know if I ever told the full story on how we met, so I figured I'd just lay it all out there for the world to know. I would be worried about him finding this weird recap on life, but I'm pretty sure he's not a big blogger. But I could be completely off base.

Here it goes.

Back in 2003 I was living at home and in high school. Like most normal 17 year olds. Lets be real. And like most average Mormon girls in high school, I had a love crush on about 85% of the missionaries serving in our congregation throughout my teenage years. My friend K (her identity will be protected) and I would actually plan out ways to try and flirt with all these missionaries (who, if you are unfamilar, are not allowed to be alone with girls, or really even think about their girlfriends while they are serving their 2 year missions). It was a little bit sad, but mostly really entertaining for us.

Then in 2003 a Polynesian man was sent to our congregation and I knew we had something special. Yes, Howeezi was a missionary in my area. Soooo embarrassing to admit this. We didn't really ever talk in real life, but once I moved out to Utah the following year, the letters started. We wrote to each other for the rest of his mission and then he went home to California.

I remember the first time I called his house. His parents are straight up Tongan, with limited English skills, so when his mother answered the phone with a grunt, I knew it was the right house. Our conversation from my memory:

Howeezi's Mom: "Huhh"

Me: "Oh hello. Is Howeezi there?"

HM: "Huhhh?"

Me: "Um, Howie? Is he there?"

HM: "Whooo? Who'dis?"

Me: "Its Cindy. I knew Howie in Colorado"

HM: "Uhh, not here"

Me: "Ummm...ok...thanks"

Yeah, a rough little start. Luckily the next time I called Howeezi was there and I was able to chat with him and two of his brothers. It was an interesting conversation to say the least, and I learned that I fade into ghetto talk when I talk to those who are foreal ghetto. Out of control. It was good to know our bond was still strong.

My sophomore year, Howeezi and his bro's came to visit me in Provo. We had a random night and I hear about his brothers baby mama and one of his brothers creeps out my friend and all in all, it was a success.

And ever since then, I've probably seen him about once a year (sometimes more if I'm lucky).

Except now I have a problem. I'm back from Korea and I tried calling his number and...IT'S DISCONNECTED!

I tried calling to reconnect with him via his mom (I wanted another mom convo so so bad!). DISCONNECTED!


I miss the thoughts of the day. I miss the yearly visits. I miss the ghetto that is Howeezi.

Do any of you have any tips on how I could find him? I need them.

Jah blez.

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Have you tried facebook?