Thursday, September 9, 2010


My timing was almost flawless in my return to Provo in regards to one important thing: football.

Yes, this past Saturday I felt at home as I wandered up the sidewalk to LaVell Edwards stadium. So ready for the world of football to engulf my every sense.

I had found myself up the stadium a little early, so I bought a game program and sat under a tree waiting for my friends to call.

Don't worry about the fact that Elder Holland walked past and commented on my fine positioning in the shade. I was almost embarrassed that he saw me in my bright orange pants, but thats neither here nor there.

Also, don't worry that Mr. Edwards himself walked past me and we shared a quick hello and handshake. I'm telling you, prime location.

And thats just the beginning.

As I was waiting for my friends, this rather large Polynesian man walked past me and asked if I needed a ticket. I responded in the negative and he kept going on his way.

And then I realized my phone wasn't connecting any outbound calls. This wasn't good. What if my friends were trying to call me? What if I wouldn't be able to find them before kickoff? I would die. Die!

So as I tried to call again and again with no success, I decided to just go ask someone if I could borrow their phone for a second, just to call Darren. I began my journey and quickly ran into a familiar face...a brown Polynesian face.

Me: "Oh hey man, do you think I could borrow your phone for a sec? Mine isn't connecting any calls right now and I need to find my friend to get my ticket"

Brown man: "Yeh. What's your name girl?"

Me: "Um...Cindy. What's your name?"

BM: "Junior. What's your number?"

Me: "Ohh no I can just call my friends, you don't have to worry about it"

BM: "No, what's your number? Whatchu doin' this weekend?"

Me: "I think I'm going to Salt Lake (lie). Going after the game and coming back on Monday night"

BM: "So when do we go out? Thursday or Friday?"

Me: "Whenever you want, Junior. You just let me know" (i just want to call my friend!!)

annd I'll stop now. But as you can see, a riveting conversation.

He still hasn't called.

I am distraught.

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Emily said...

i'm a friend of aaron's and he told me to look up your blog a while ago and i think you are hilarious!
also, what a forward guy! this made me laugh.