Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ohhh GRE-at!

I've realized for awhile now that I'll need to take the GRE in the near future for grad school, but I've been putting off studying as long as possible. Today was the day I decided to crack open the study manual and get started on the process. I'm not super excited about taking it, but I am excited about going back to school. Weird.

Anyways, so tonight after work I wasted some time but then I started my studying. It was going well until...I fell asleep. I was worried it would happen so I did make sure to set an alarm for 20 mins later. You know, get a good power nap in there.

Well, lets just remember that I suck at power naps. But I'm really good at real naps. So after I woke up to my alarm at the 20 mins interval, I went right back to sleep.

And then I woke up to my friends (Janna and Jill-woot woot!) calling to tell me they'd be getting to my apartment in 1-2 minutes.

I quickly put on pants.

They call again to tell me they are waiting outside. I grab my bag. I walk outside. And then I walk to their car and open the door to get inside.

Except...wait a second. It wasn't their car.

I look to the front and see a boy in the drivers seat and a girl in the passenger seat just staring at me. They are just gazing at me with their mouths open and obviously confused.

I am getting into a strangers car.

Trying to explain myself but I'm sure coming off as some crazy person, I simply close the door, walk across the street, get into Janna's car, and start laughing.

The most embarrassing part was the fact that it took me so long to realize my mistake.

This whole studying for the GRE is going to be rough.


Rachel said...


Katie said...

Bahaha! THAT is hilarious. I recommend a prep course, my friend. Tried to do the studying thing on my own and it's killer. Plus they teach you things in the prep course about how to master the computer, which is like have the problem.

Viva la Varner said...

LOVE YOU!!!! This story longs for the good ole days when I would have been a part of this story. Keep this behavior up!

San Ba Po said...

wish someone would have taken a photo of the event!!

Soph said...

I told my mom that story. She died laughing. We love you.

pro said...

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