Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seeing Color

I have a friend. One who is semi-frequently mentioned on this blog. I still haven't decided if he likes it or not. But no big.

His name (and face): Darren

Darren is super fantastic for many reasons. I could list some of them right now (not all of them because that would take FOREVER), but we want to keep the man humble. So the only thing I will say is this: Despite my constant belittling of him, Darren is awesome. Truth.

There is one thing that makes Darren even more special than he already is, though.

He is color blind.

I know, I know, there are millions of people color blind in this world. But there is only one Darren. And I'm so glad he's color blind. And I'm so glad we're friends enough for me to make fun of him.

One of my/our favorite games to play is "Guess the color". I point to a color and then I ask "Dare! What color is this?!" and he gives me an annoyed dirty look and/or just says a random color ("It's blue"/"You didn't even look!)". Not joking, we go through this several times in a row. And I laugh every time.

Back when this game first started, Darren really tried to look and guess the right color. I would squeal in delight when he said the wrong color. And then I would be a little disappointed if he guessed right. It's a hit or miss kind of game.

Anyways, Darren is so color blind he doesn't even see race.

Annddd yes I did pick a black and white photo of him just to make sure he could see all the colors.


Never gets old.


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bahahahaha! Funny. Every. Time.

D said...

Just glad I can help spread the joy.