Monday, September 6, 2010

What I meant to say was...

When I said I knew what you were thinking, I didn't actually mean that I could read your mind. Although I'm pretty good at that, too.

I was going to blog a whole post about how I knew you were thinking "Where has Cindy gone? Why hasn't she been blogging? What am I supposed to do when I don't have anything to do at work and Cindy hasn't blogged for a whole 3 weeks?".

Sometimes life is hard. I'm sorry, blogging friends.

The last three weeks has been full of crazy time and busy time and awesome time. And I intend to share all the emotional shreds of life with you.

I have moved from my home in Pyeongtaek, South Korea to a little town called Provo. Thats right, kids. I'm back to the homeland.

It was a tough decision, and it by far wasn't my first choice in a relocation. The lights and concrete jungle of New York really started screaming my name, but when a job offer came that I couldn't resist (meaning I can't resist a job working with Darren) I had to jump at it (and on him). Because really, you can't be too picky in this economy. And moving back to Provo has had its high points. Like, I get to party all the time with my friends. And plenty of burritos and frozen yogurt. What more do you need?

I do miss my home in Korea, though. A tribute is forthcoming. But I wish I could adequately express how I felt about leaving and my love for that little peninsula. I love slash miss it a lot. I also miss my peeps there. My life will never be the same.

The day before I left I gave my email address to my students, hoping we could stay friends for just a little while longer. So glad I did, because I've already got some great emails:

"Hi Cindy, sir. I 'Kim hyojeong' anti-student teachers 'Kim hwiyoung' is. Supposedly it was sad to leave you for a teacher. She left so suddenly, but I do not know what really sad. The teacher drove me, I really enjoyed myself. And take pictures that the teacher took it I think I have a funny face hoon. But I do not know how to send pictures, we'll send;; and last gyeoulttyae out together in the sajinjjikeulttyae Do you remember? Then the teacher who was pierced by throwing snowballs. It's the end of the day was really fun.Sir, please reply to this post, if you must.

I promise I taught them English. And I promise I'm not a sir.

And if you can translate this, I would really really appreciate it.

Back to blogging,



Jill said...

1 down, 3 to go.

Erin said...

So when are we going to run into each other at Cafe Rio where you're eating with some friends and I know them too, and we had no idea that we all knew each other?

Viva la Varner said... are in Provo and you have not contacted me?!?! I am angry, yet still quite excited. We must get together like now. I do not have a car anymore, so it might be difficult, but I'm sure we can work something out. LOVED the email from your student...i laughed.