Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things that are making my life complicated

-Backstreet Boys cruise being sold out and the only tickets I've been able to find are outrageously expensive

-CHER skipping the months of November and December with her Vegas show, therefore thwarting all plans I had of going to Vegas on my 25th birthday to sing "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves" with her on stage. You know it would've happened.

(what should i do for my birthday now?!)

-the movie Social Network. Knowing I've been a part of FB since the first year it existed, but then also realizing I've been a part of it since it started. Awesome or lame? What did we do before FB? I don't even remember. Maybe read books?

-Stupid earphones I bought from Best Buy that don't work very well

-Staying up late every single night for no good reasons

-BYU football being horrible

Good thing I have frozen yogurt, great friends, sweet family, and slurpees from 7-11 to make all of these things just slip awayyy


blakecgriffin said...

Hey, did you see that BYU lost to USU?

First time since the early nineties.

Jeff said...

your birthday still requires a road trip weekend.

spin the globe, FORD. or maybe just spin a map of the western united states...

Jane said...

I wondered the same thing after seeing The Social Network. Did it make you nostalgic for the days before status updates and fancy apps and when being in groups was actually cool? Sigh.