Tuesday, November 9, 2010

breaking the silence

The truth.

Here I am. A 24 year old girl in a world rapidly going and going and going, with so many problems and despair but also (i believe) more goodness and beauty and light. And I have this blog.

This blog that seemingly doesn't seem like much to any passerby. Another random assortment of ramblings shared to whomever will take the time to glance it over or maybe even read it.

It's a place where I document my quirks, my thoughts, my daily activities.

But lately I've felt as though this little blog should either go big or go home.

I fear for the truth that are my real feelings and desires. That they will be exposed. I fear sharing too much information about things that probably shouldn't be shared. This fear, I admit, partially stems from an English writing assignment gone wrong, but it also comes from the fact that we all fit certain stereotypes, and when someone doesn't always fit into one particular category, we don't understand, and we then continue to only see an individual in this way. We make people fit. We rarely see the beauty of a homeless woman or the sincerity of a politician because these characteristics don't fit into the mold we've already built them to be. People are complex. Everyone has a little bit of something in them that they want to share; that they want people to notice.

So that leads me to this blog.

My little, toddler-aged blog.

I want this blog to be a better representation of all of me, not just part of me. I want it to show all my words, not just the funny ones. I want it to be good and honest and true. I want to get below the surface of my obsession with the Backstreet Boys (but really, NKOTB and BSB together?!?! on tour?!?! my heart hasn't stopped beating since i found out) and I want to delve into the thoughts that seemingly flow through my mind but that never find their way to the internet world.

Because I mean, the internet for sure needs me to contribute to its genius. Right?

So while it will probably still continue in mostly the same fashion, I will sprinkle my heart through more of it, and hopefully the internets will find a place for it in its world wide arms.


~Spencer said...

I agree! All of your comments and ideas, humorous or not are supposed to be here!

Janthony-Garrett said...

Bring it, Cindy.

Katie said...

The internet most definitely needs more of your genius, Cindy!

Anonymous said...

cindy. i need more of you in my life. plz make it happen.


Justin and Coralie said...

The suspense is KILLING me.

Jane said...

I am in FULL support of this idea and am in fact pretty excited about it!

Erin said...

I will always read and love and comment on whatever is on this blog. So heap it on us, please.

Jeff said...


Meg said...

think of fordpride as ur new personal journal.

ha ha. luv ya girl.

i would like a very personal blog post about SISTERWIVES VERY SOON!