Monday, November 22, 2010

the day my life changed

Every year, BYU's annual OcTUBAfest takes place around Halloween.

This is a four day event with a tuba concert each night.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. What could be better than four nights of tuba music?!

I go pretty much every year, thanks to a good friend who introduced me to the wonders
of the tuba.

Every year is good, but this year was extra good because of the world famous Oystein Baadsvik!

What? You don't know who Oystein Baadsvik is? Shame on you.

He's only the best tuba player IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! The only guy to actually make it a career being a tuba soloist. (ps yes this is what my life has become).

Anyways, he came a few years ago and I got to hear him play and he is absolutely amazing.

Proof: (from 4:00 to about 4:30 it gets pretty good)

This year was monumental in my tuba life obsession.

Oystein, the man himself, SERENADED ME! I was sitting in the front row and for his encore performance he knelt down right in front of me and played straight into my soul. As embarrassing as it sounds, I was giddy. Then, he blew me not one but TWO kisses during his bows.

Dreams do come true!


Sheri E. said...

I love that you still go to ocTUBAfest every year. I miss those days of going to concerts and watching Matty Doo play.

Katie said...

I love his facial expressions while he plays! Must have been thrilling :)