Tuesday, November 16, 2010

End of an Era

"thot 4 da day: A GIFT NEGLECTED IS A GIFT LOST. jah blez"

Well, I guess its been a long time coming.

Using my serious stalking skills and personal behavior with strangers (in a non-creepy way, of course), I was able to track down Mr. Howeezi himself. It took time, talent, a drive to SLC, and a few text messages, but it was worth it.

Ok ok, so it probably wasn't.

I was really excited to get our thoughts of the day rolling again. They were just so inspiring! And life changing, if I do say so myself.

And they did inspire for awhile, but they quickly ended.

After about two weeks of sporadic texts and one fallen get-together, I got the note that changed everything.

Howeezi was here and wanted to get together.

Unsure whether or not I should go, some friends pushed me to his location and it was a glorious reunion. Well, it was glorious because I beat his cousins at tetris.

The interaction with Howie was less than impressive. It included a run to McDonalds wherein he bought $22 worth of burgers and french fries. We actually talked about french fries the entire drive home. He tried feeding me some, but I said no thanks.

And thats when I knew. It couldn't survive any longer. This was one of those relationships that just needed to die.

And so it is. I haven't heard from him since the french fries conversation.

It was a good run, lasting quite a few years. But I guess he was right.
A gift neglected is a gift lost.

ps: i currently have a spot open for a polynesian friend, if you know any


blakecgriffin said...

I swear that I only understood roughly 35% of this post.

Corinna said...

I understood 100% of it. And I'm going to miss your Howeezi stories :(

Jill said...

Do you think you'll still get the thots 4 da day?

Momma Elk said...

Jah Blez that brown man

Erin said...

Please tell me there is a way to still get the thots without having the french fries conversations.

Also, "bilif" was my word verification. And I'm pretty sure to Howeezi, that is a real word that means something.