Wednesday, November 24, 2010

its Burlesque!

OKkk so a lot on my little mind right now. In one giant random HEAP!

First off, I'm sorry to anyone who hears me when I unconsciously slip into my ghetto talk. I just said something aloud and I didn't know where it came from.

B. I decided I'd pregame for Thanksgiving by eating a significant amount of food this evening. Just expanding my stomach. Nbd. I won't be sorry tomorrow.

III. Roommates are all gone. This is great for several reasons. I can practice dancing in my living room, I don't have to hide in my room, and I don't have to wake up and run to the bathroom only to find that the person before me left a deuce without flushing. This really happened this morning, ps. It made me angrier than when I found all my laundry detergent had been not me. geh.

4. I SAW BURLESQUE TONIGHT AND IT WAS SO GOOD! And I'm not just saying that because I abnormally love Cher. It was so entertaining. But it did give me some new material to work on with my Cher impression.

4A. This leads me to my next subpoint: My Cher impression. I need to get practicing so I can audition to work on a cruise ship/in Las Vegas/with drag queens. Therefore my request from you, the readers (and it is real and it is important): I need you to tell me what song (any song!) you want sung by Cher-voice. I will do my best to adapt the song to be as Cher-like as possible and I will post the video. This is my promise to you. My goal is one a week. Believe it.

V. I actually do want to/will see the Justin Bieber movie that comes out in February.

F. In 5th grade I couldn't spell February right. I would forget the first 'r'. So embarrassing.

7. I want to work on a cruise ship.



Emily said...

a justin bieber movie?! tempting.

p.s. i had a cher-obsessed phase when i was in elementary or middle school. all i can say is:

blakecgriffin said...

Umbrella - Rhianna

Sarah Moeck said...

I am so glad you loved Burlesque!! I've been thinking that it looks so good. Now I am determined to see it :)

~Spencer said...

You went and saw Burlesque!!!??? Jealous, jealous, jealous.
Um, I think you should sing Just Like Jesse James. I love your "If I could turn back time" though! Whatever you do, you'll be amazing. :D

Elizabeth said...

"Baba O'Riley" by The Who, unless there's something morally reprehensible about that song, of course. :) You as Cher singing that--I can only imagine how great it would be! :)

kami said...

i still pronounce february when i write it...just so i don't leave out that "r" ;)

feb-ru-ary. elementary school has never left me! happy belated thanksgiving to you!

stewedslacker said...

Sad game, enough said.
Justin Bieber- I do my best to know as little as possible about that.
Song to be 'Chered'-
Immigrant Song, Led Zeppelin.
If you can to that, your training is complete.

Erin said...

I have several requests, which I have decided is allowed:

Party in the USA.

And since we're talking about Bieber Fever already, you should probably do Baby.

And then Empire State of Mind.