Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let's Win the Future, ok?

How many of you spent your night watching the State of the Union?!?!

I started to drive to the movie theatre to see the newest Jack Black flick, Gullivers Travels, but then I ended up turning my car around, getting some chicken nuggets, and spending quality time with the leaders of our nation.

I did!! I spent over an hour talking to my tv/Obama when he was speaking and I was weirdly entertained.

Mr. President shared some good thoughts and goals (some of which I doubt have any chance of happening, but the thoughts are nice) and inspired many claps and some permanent sitters and all in all I really enjoyed myself. These things are always so much fun!

I mean, just take a look for yourself:

Everyone minus those guys in the top left corner. Ouch. Also not happy? All the military leaders they showed after Obama started talking about how people can be openly gay and in the military. Those faces did not have any joy.

And you want to know who stole my heart all over again?
This guy:

Want to know who took a nap?
This guy:

I took some notes to expand on throughout my blog but we all know I don't like to get too political on here (keeping things family friendly). I will say that I can appreciate his desire to help undocumented workers and their children (i want to help too!); he mentioned South Korea twice (i was totally a builder of that nation! suckas!); I also want mo' betta railroad; and why was he talking about salmon?!


I seriously love America.
(and joe)

Monday, January 24, 2011

What a crying shame

My Monday night thoughts go as follows:

I spent a considerable amount of time (read: probably four hours) mindlessly wandering the internet tonight. And when I say the internet, I mean FB and HULU mostly, with a slice and dice of Law and Order thrown in there. I hate uploading pictures onto FB because then you have to go through the hassle of tagging the pictures and trying to think of clever captions and its really just exhausting. Which is why I decided to put in a serious FB workout tonight-you know, building up that strength is important. Next time it will be that much easier. (thanks jillian!)

I was thinking about my weird fear of commitment today. I have commitment issues with where I live, my hair color, shoe of the day, weekend plans, relationships, etc etc. But you want to know what I never had a fear of committing to? Facebook. We have been together now for over SIX years. I can do hard things. Best six years of my life.

Also, after talking to some friends about my current dating situation (i.e. non-existent) I was convinced to join a Mormon online dating website. I don't always give off the best first impressions in person, so I was keeping my expectations low online.

Thank goodness.

So far, I have only received what they call 'flirts' from men from other countries (dominican republic and mexico), men over the age of 40, and some guy with a chin bigger than Jay Leno.

One of my favorite messages was from a man currently living in Uganda:

"Your profile caught my eye and just want to say "HELLO" I will like to know more about you, Are you a single mom?
I enjoy a vibrant, sensuous, Kind and caring woman.
I would like her to be honest, sincere, fun, funny and easy going.
I'm searching for that special woman, the love of my life. "

Awesome, right? I think I already found love. Vibrant? check. Sensuous? You have no idea. Kind and caring? Sometimes...

So I feel great about that! I am lucky to live in a world where I can do all my living through the internet. LUCKY.

Also, thanks so much for the love of York! I'm really excited about going. And to those of you interested, I'll be doing the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program (TESOL) and when I finish I really want to help programs that teach English and citizenship classes to immigrants in our country. So, we'll see how that goes!

And you guys, have a great week. You deserve it.

(bear lake jan 2011)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


This might be a little early to share, but I'm doing it anyways.

(i do what i want, remember?!)

I have been accepted.

To grad school.

At my #1 pick.

In York.


I am beaming.

And if you want to sponsor me for my stint at the University of York, let's talk.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Updated

I feel like I wasn't thorough enough in regards to my goals for the new year. Yes, the items previously listed are important to me and they are, indeed, real goals, but there are more to be shared.

One important item, perhaps the most important item, is the resolution to make an ode to the music that changed my world forever: BSB

Over the weekend I was inspired with images of my friends and I, singing along to the words of this most profound group, in what could only be considered an homage to their talent.

In other words, we will be making a music video. And it will be amazing.

I will take song suggestions/directors opinions in the comments section.

Also, for 2011. I dare not try to steal any attention away from BSB (ever), but another goal for the year has to do with my feet. You see, my feet are disabled. They are grotesque and hideous in their ways. One of my friends, on a beach outing, stared at my feet for a good 3 minutes before stating that they were the most unique feet she'd ever seen. I tried to take it as a complement, but it stung.

So, I'm having a foot-lift. Haha get it? Like a face lift but not.

Because I mean really, look at this:

I'm a mutant.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shore 'Nuff

Tonight finally happened. It was something we've all been waiting for.

Jersey Shore. Season 3.

(Maybe) the trashiest show on television returned tonight with a riveting and compelling 42 minutes that sent shivers up and down my back. It hooked us all in, especially when they showed what is going to happen this season. So.good.

New girl Deena shows up, aka grenade aka Snooki #2, creating instant drama in every single way she possibly could; Snooki throws out that she's a 'squirrel monkey'; and Vinny still holds on to what little bit of pride he has.

This weeks VIP goes to...PAULY D! (with the Situation following close behind)
Their faces during that fight at the end of tonights show? Priceless. It'll keep me coming back next week.

Also, is this really HIM?!?!!?! The hair makes or breaks him. I can't decide.


Monday, January 3, 2011


My grandma moved in with my family a few months ago.

It has been an adjustment for the family, but not without many good laughs about everything that seems to happen because of this move.

Grandma is old and her memory isn't what it used to-that is what we like to think. Otherwise some of the things she does just don't make sense.

When I was home for Christmas I was able to experience these things first hand.

One day I was in the kitchen doing dishes (i'm like, a really good daughter) and Grandma walked into the room. She was on the prowl for something to eat. Now in my family, a good part of the time its a 'fend for yourself' mentality. You find what you can and eat it. We're scavengers of sorts; if we lived back in the day we would most definitely fit in the 'gatherers' category-although I'm sure my dad would debate he is a hunter.

Anyways, I think Grandma is beginning to realize how necessary this scavenging is a little bit more, day by day, and she is putting up some pretty stiff competition when it comes to food creations.

While I am scrubbing furiously away at a pot at the sink, I watch Grandma out of the corner of my eye, curious as to what she was finding.

Step one: she grabs a piece of bread.
Step two: mayonnaise goes onto that bread
Step three: a slice of cheese on top
(so far, so good)
Step four: plum jam spread hastily on top of the cheese
Step five: eat

Yes, you heard right. A cheese, mayo, and plum jam open faced sandwich. When I inquired on this interesting combination my Grandma goes "Yeah, its my own invention!"

That it is, Gma. Your very own.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

I just feel as though I need to/should blog right now so Umbrella by Cher isn't the first thing to pop up on the screen anymore. I did that hastily and I am a little bit embarrassed slash weirded out that I actually posted it. And I never knew that I did a weird Elvis-like face when I sang in Cher voice. But I will admit I'm not surprised. One day I should make a video of me speaking in different accents because then this face just goes totally crazy. No control over it.

Moving on, it is 2011. Pretty stoked about that.

Some things I want to do in 2011 :
(if you want to help me make these dreams come true, i welcome it)
-Go overseas for vacation or living
-Read a book every two weeks
-Budget my money's
-Write mo'betta raps
-Become an artist
-Go to Washington DC
-Be clean
-Shower everyday (except if it is impossible i.e. camping, homeless)
-Caravan around the USA in an RV

Yeah, 2011 is looking pretty good.