Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Updated

I feel like I wasn't thorough enough in regards to my goals for the new year. Yes, the items previously listed are important to me and they are, indeed, real goals, but there are more to be shared.

One important item, perhaps the most important item, is the resolution to make an ode to the music that changed my world forever: BSB

Over the weekend I was inspired with images of my friends and I, singing along to the words of this most profound group, in what could only be considered an homage to their talent.

In other words, we will be making a music video. And it will be amazing.

I will take song suggestions/directors opinions in the comments section.

Also, for 2011. I dare not try to steal any attention away from BSB (ever), but another goal for the year has to do with my feet. You see, my feet are disabled. They are grotesque and hideous in their ways. One of my friends, on a beach outing, stared at my feet for a good 3 minutes before stating that they were the most unique feet she'd ever seen. I tried to take it as a complement, but it stung.

So, I'm having a foot-lift. Haha get it? Like a face lift but not.

Because I mean really, look at this:

I'm a mutant.

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D said...

Did they just get done sleeping with each other, or are they getting ready to get it on?