Monday, January 3, 2011


My grandma moved in with my family a few months ago.

It has been an adjustment for the family, but not without many good laughs about everything that seems to happen because of this move.

Grandma is old and her memory isn't what it used to-that is what we like to think. Otherwise some of the things she does just don't make sense.

When I was home for Christmas I was able to experience these things first hand.

One day I was in the kitchen doing dishes (i'm like, a really good daughter) and Grandma walked into the room. She was on the prowl for something to eat. Now in my family, a good part of the time its a 'fend for yourself' mentality. You find what you can and eat it. We're scavengers of sorts; if we lived back in the day we would most definitely fit in the 'gatherers' category-although I'm sure my dad would debate he is a hunter.

Anyways, I think Grandma is beginning to realize how necessary this scavenging is a little bit more, day by day, and she is putting up some pretty stiff competition when it comes to food creations.

While I am scrubbing furiously away at a pot at the sink, I watch Grandma out of the corner of my eye, curious as to what she was finding.

Step one: she grabs a piece of bread.
Step two: mayonnaise goes onto that bread
Step three: a slice of cheese on top
(so far, so good)
Step four: plum jam spread hastily on top of the cheese
Step five: eat

Yes, you heard right. A cheese, mayo, and plum jam open faced sandwich. When I inquired on this interesting combination my Grandma goes "Yeah, its my own invention!"

That it is, Gma. Your very own.

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San Ba Po said...

I love your gma already! i think i'd totally do something like that when i am her age.