Thursday, January 20, 2011


This might be a little early to share, but I'm doing it anyways.

(i do what i want, remember?!)

I have been accepted.

To grad school.

At my #1 pick.

In York.


I am beaming.

And if you want to sponsor me for my stint at the University of York, let's talk.


Valerie said...

You may be the coolest person I know. Can I come visit/live with you after August 2012?

Sarah Moeck said...

CINDIZZLE!!! Heavens you HAVE To go!! You will LOVE England. I love England. And I am a little jealous you get to be there. Kiss the grass for me when you get there (though I know you won't be flying off right away.)

~Spencer said...

Don't leave.... :( But no seriously that's fantastic! :D

Katie said...

Woah Woah! You Rock

Tiffany said...

Wahoo!! I know you will acquire and awesome British accent. I hope you get to go!

Coralie said...

Congrats!!! You're awesome! What a cool experience!

Jane said...

Amazing!!! Congrats!! What will you be studying?