Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let's Win the Future, ok?

How many of you spent your night watching the State of the Union?!?!

I started to drive to the movie theatre to see the newest Jack Black flick, Gullivers Travels, but then I ended up turning my car around, getting some chicken nuggets, and spending quality time with the leaders of our nation.

I did!! I spent over an hour talking to my tv/Obama when he was speaking and I was weirdly entertained.

Mr. President shared some good thoughts and goals (some of which I doubt have any chance of happening, but the thoughts are nice) and inspired many claps and some permanent sitters and all in all I really enjoyed myself. These things are always so much fun!

I mean, just take a look for yourself:

Everyone minus those guys in the top left corner. Ouch. Also not happy? All the military leaders they showed after Obama started talking about how people can be openly gay and in the military. Those faces did not have any joy.

And you want to know who stole my heart all over again?
This guy:

Want to know who took a nap?
This guy:

I took some notes to expand on throughout my blog but we all know I don't like to get too political on here (keeping things family friendly). I will say that I can appreciate his desire to help undocumented workers and their children (i want to help too!); he mentioned South Korea twice (i was totally a builder of that nation! suckas!); I also want mo' betta railroad; and why was he talking about salmon?!


I seriously love America.
(and joe)


Erin said...

You are a good American. I listened to it for the duration of my drive from my house to my parents' house, and didn't even really think about staying and lsitening to it, or even turning it on in the house once I got there. Bad Americans.

Erin said...

And oh my gosh you're going to grad school in ENGLAND? Freak. Now I'll have to stop reading your blog because I can't handle people living in England and having English lives while I have to remain over here in the colonies. So, see ya. Have a nice life.

But jk, I will always come back. I wish I knew how to quit you. Just promise to put up lots of beautiful pictures.