Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shore 'Nuff

Tonight finally happened. It was something we've all been waiting for.

Jersey Shore. Season 3.

(Maybe) the trashiest show on television returned tonight with a riveting and compelling 42 minutes that sent shivers up and down my back. It hooked us all in, especially when they showed what is going to happen this season. So.good.

New girl Deena shows up, aka grenade aka Snooki #2, creating instant drama in every single way she possibly could; Snooki throws out that she's a 'squirrel monkey'; and Vinny still holds on to what little bit of pride he has.

This weeks VIP goes to...PAULY D! (with the Situation following close behind)
Their faces during that fight at the end of tonights show? Priceless. It'll keep me coming back next week.

Also, is this really HIM?!?!!?! The hair makes or breaks him. I can't decide.



Momma Elk said...

Thursdays are def going to be a highlight of the week.

Travel_Chic said...

Yikes! I don't know which hair style is worse....