Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pink Cast

Hola my amigos.

First off, can we all just appreciate this little gem found on this morning? It is a blurb found under the heading "In case you missed it"

A doctor in Ecuador notices his shortest patients are some of his

healthiest. Evidence is mounting that a brown dwarf star or a gas

giant planet is part of our solar system. A look back at some of

the week's best stories.

Can we please take a moment to recognize that they talk about short patients in Ecuador and then immediately follow it with talk about a brown dwarf star? Is it just me or could the patients in Ecuador also be considered brown dwarfs? HEYOOO. Totally not PC but I mean it in the best way possible.

Also, I had surgery yesterday. I now only have one bunion instead of two. But on the foot lacking a bunion I am sporting a large and in charge pink cast. If you are bored and/or love me you can sign it. I'll be here for awhile.

This also hopefully means I'll have a lot of time for productive stuff in my life that I have been neglecting. aka blogging.

And if some of the things I write don't make a lot of sense, blame the drugs. Or give props to the drugs. Whichever you want.

And my mom took some pictures of me in post-op yesterday. They aren't flattering in the least, but if you're good I'll show you.


M said...

I love the pink cast. I kinda wish I could get surgery just so I could have one too. Also, I would love to see the pics your mom took :) I hope you recover quickly and that all is well cindizzle! (Mindy)

D said...

Let the movie watching begin!!

Jill said...

1. I want to sign your cast. This I have already told you.
2. I want to see the pics. And you in person.
3. I need to come visit because I have something for you.

Rachel said...

I hope the recovery goes well! Bunion surgery sounds not so great...